We are PSP.

We have one simple goal: to empower students to innovate in space exploration.

But what we do is beyond just academics.



Innovation requires applying ideas from lecture to real-world projects. That’s why we have competitive teams in rocketry and satellites that encourage students to get their hands dirty, to reinvent, and to take risks. Each of our teams focuses on different forms of propulsion and initiatives, offering a wide range of options for students to be a part of.

With over fifty members from various majors, PSP Liquids is making history with Boomie Zoomie, a LOx/Methane rocket and a new rocket for the Base11 Space Challenge.

PSP Solids is a team of small groups and big responsibilities. We are the place for anyone who wants to get hands-on experience with solid propellants.

Since 2010, PSP-SL boasts a diverse setting for teammates to not only provide the team with valuable ideas, but also offers new members a chance to get involved.

PSP and Purdue AIAA have teamed up to take on an ambitious challenge: building a hybrid rocket for the Spaceport America Cup 10K Challenge.

SEDS USA and SSPI (Space and Satellite Professionals International) team up to host an international satellite design competition.



Empowerment inspires students to reach higher. Throughout the year, PSP members visit local schools and fairs to teach students of all ages about space and promote students to pursue careers in the space industry. We lead a wide variety of activities that make space exploration engaging and fun for everyone—meetups as small as stargazing nights to events as large as congressional advocacy days for investments in space exploration.

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