Our Brand

Redefining Who We Are.

How we present ourselves is just as important as what we do. That's why we redeveloped our brand identity to reinforce our core values, strengthen our teams, and build a more cohesive experience.

Here are some of the highlights:

Our Logo

The PSP Logo is the biggest element of our identity. It encapsulates the mission and vision of PSP and is designed to be easily identifiable in all sizes and mediums.

Inspired by the unique architecture of Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, the PSP Logo represents our core values of innovation and empowerment.

Dubbed “the vectors,” the graphical element of the PSP Logo points up and to the right, signifying forward-thinking and our desire to reach higher.


As a recognized club at Purdue University, it’s important that we inherit the Old Gold and Black. We’ve kept Purdue’s signature Campus Gold and introduced a slightly lighter variant of black called Night Sky.

Night Sky
Campus Gold

We selected Fivo Sans as the primary typeface for headings and body text for its modern design, readability, and accessibility as a free-to-use font.

The PSP Logo uses Saira Bold and Saira Condensed for its technical and futuristic look, and is also available online as a free-to-use font.

Fivo Sans Thin

Fivo Sans Light

Fivo Sans Regular

Fivo Sans Semibold

Fivo Sans Bold

Fivo Sans Heavy

Fivo Sans Black

View Our Brand Guidelines

Called Mission Control, these guidelines go into more detail about using the right logos, fonts, colors, and all other aspects that make the PSP brand come together.

Download Our Brand Toolkit

Bring the PSP brand to life. Get all of PSP’s logos, fonts, and templates necessary to make your content a part of our visual identity.