PSP Liquids aims to push the bounds

of collegiate rocketry through the

development of advanced liquid-fueled

launch vehicles.

PSP Liquids was founded in 2017 with the ambitious goal of launching a liquid bipropellant rocket to win the FAR-MARS competition. Since then, the team has successfully built and tested its first competition entry, Boomie Zoomie 1, and is well into the design process for its successor, Boomie Zoomie B. PSP-L aims to give its members invaluable experience through practical work in the analysis, design, manufacturing, and testing of liquid rockets, something that only a few university teams are capable of.


The FAR-MARS Launch Contest is an ongoing competition for collegiate rocket teams to launch a liquid bipropellant rocket to an altitude of 45,000 feet, with an additional prize for a team that manages to do so using liquid methane and oxygen as propellants. No team has been successful in reaching the altitude goal since the competition’s inception in 2017.

Current Project

Boomie Zoomie B

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Team Leads

Brynne Hunt

Project Manager

Will Ipsen

Chief Engineer

Andrew LaPrade

Avionics Lead

Nathan Gurgens

Controls Lead

Jack Costello

Fluid Systems Lead

Jeremy Casella

Manufacturing Lead

Ben Worrell

Propulsion Lead

Elaine Yoon

Structures Lead