NASA Student Launch

Since 2010, PSP-SL has grown into

an advanced and forefront contender

in the NASA SL competition.

With members from various majors and backgrounds, PSP-SL boasts a diverse setting for teammates to not only provide the team with valuable ideas, but also offer the newer members a chance to get involved in the various aspects of the project, including avionics design, payload, educational outreach, and social ventures.

About SL

Student Launch (SL) is a research-based, competitive, experiential exploration activity that strives to provide relevant, cost-effective research and development of rocket propulsion systems. This project offers multiple challenges reaching a broad audience of middle and high schools, colleges, and universities across the nation.

2019 Project

Project Walker

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Purdue Space Day 2018

PSP-SL had multiple members act as chaperones of groups of students, ranging from third graders to fifth graders. One of these chaperones assisted the students in participating in a stomp rocket build, where the kids designed stomp rockets and tested them, making them better and more effective each time. Another chaperone led a “Journey to Mars” activity, where the kids broke up into groups, assigned roles, and planned out their flight, landing zone, and other necessary precautions. A third chaperone led students in creating an insulating capsule for an egg drop experiment. Students were each given a role, Engineer, Commander, Pilot, Science Officer, or Flight Controller. Each play an essential part in different stages of the mission.

Imagination Station @ Mini Maker Faire

PSP-SL worked a booth with Tynker, a program for teaching simple coding. 53 children ranging from first graders to fifth graders learned the basics of coding, from how to string together logical processes, to making animations. Some examples of the codes they wrote included a child riding a bike across the screen, or a monkey with an astronaut helmet floating through space. The children loved the activity as it was very user-friendly and had comprehensive messages when they made a mistake or did something well. The activity was received with positivity from the chaperones and parents, who thought that the simple coding method was a great way to get the younger kids a chance to explore this extremely important field of STEM.

Team Leads

Luke Perrin

Acting/Assistant Project Manager

As acting project manager, I directly lead and oversee construction or the launch vehicle, payload bays, payload, and avionics bay. I also supervise all tests and offer opposing view points where necessary. I plan agendas and lead weekly meetings to coordinate and facilitate efforts amongst individuals. I served as a liaison between the project manager and sub team leads as assistant project manager.

Josh Binon

Payload Team Lead

I am responsible for overseeing the successful completion of our payload system. More specifically I make decisions about the hardware that will be used, and develop software for our system.

Bret Reser

Avionics Team Lead

Our team manages the avionics bay including altimeters, batteries, wiring, parachute and ejection methods. We will be conducting research on altimeters and design our own for use in subscale testing and propose the idea to NASA.

Zach Carroll

Construction Team Lead

I am responsible for building both the subscale and full scale rockets. Having a dedicated team allows us to focus on making sure the rocket is as well-built as possible. In the meantime, our team focuses on helping out the other teams to make sure all technical documents are above and beyond what's required.

Jory Lyons

Safety Team Lead

I am responsible for enforcing and creating guidelines and policies to establish a safe work environment to prevent accidents from happening. These goals are accomplished by utilizing detailed risk analysis tables, step-by-step procedures on how to accomplish various tasks related to the project, and checklists to use on launch day, among other things.

Isaac Byley

Social Team Lead

Sean Heapy

Funding Team Lead

I am in charge of funding all expenses for the team, as well as managing all business-related team matters. I am currently working on organizing and scheduling local fundraising events such as skip-a-meals. I also look forward to funding the majority of the team's expenses through non-profit grants and company sponsorships.

Mason Hazzard

Student Mentor

Advise team where necessary throughout construction and simulation.