Rockets & More

We do more than just hang around and talk about how cool space is. We also make stuff, and we’ve got something for everyone. Do you like liquid rockets? PSP Liquids is breaking ground with Boomie Zoomie, the first ever liquid-liquid rocket designed entirely by Purdue students. More of a solids person? Our Student Launch team is a forefront contender for the NASA SLI competition and PSP Solids is mixing their own solid propellants. Plus, we can get you Level One Certified. If you just can’t decide between liquid and solid, check out the all-new SEDS-AIAA Hybrid Team. What’s that? You’re more of a satellites person? Fear not – our SSPI Team has you covered.


PSP Liquids

With over fifty members from all sorts of majors, Purdue Space Program Liquids is a beast of a rocket team. We’re making history with Boomie Zoomie, a LOx/Methane rocket poised to launch by the end of 2018. The rocket is designed to carry a 2.2 payload to 45,000 feet and meet the requirements set out in the 2017-2019 FAR MARS liquid rocket competition. The best part? From design to delivery, it’s all run by students.


Student Launch Initiative

The Purdue Student Launch Team, started in 2010, has grown into an advanced and forefront contender in the NASA SLI competition. With members from various majors and backgrounds, Purdue SL boasts a diverse setting for teammates to not only provide the team with valuable ideas, but also offer the newer members a chance to get involved in the various aspects of the project, including avionics, design, payload, educational outreach, and social ventures.


PSP Solids

Say hello to Purdue Space Program Solids, a team of small groups and big responsibilities. From design to mixing to ignition, PSP Solids is the place to be for anyone who wants to get hands-on experience with solid propellants.


Level One Certification

Want to get Level One Certified? We can help! Stay tuned for more info.


Hybrid Team

Purdue SEDS and Purdue AIAA have teamed up to take on an ambitious challenge: building a hybrid rocket for the 2019 Space Port America Cup 10k Challenge. Interested? Fill out this survey or contact our team lead, Jan Balk (



Every year, SEDS USA and SSPI (Space and Satellite Professionals International) team up to host an international satellite design competition. Purdue SEDS has won twice in a row and recently came third. You can read more about the most recent design proposal by clicking “Learn More”. This team was co-led by Tyler Mason ( and Brian Campana (