Purdue Space Program

we like space. a lot.

Space. Rockets. fun.

An experience like nothing else
— Conner


Say hello the Purdue University chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, an international organization run by students, for students. Purdue SEDS is a rapidly growing group for students who share a love for space. Our members participate in multiple engineering projects and competitions, STEM outreach, and social events (featuring delicious food prepared by our Vice President).

Purdue SEDS has multiple rocket-based and design-based projects going on at any given time, and plenty of social and outreach events to engage in - and we are constantly adding more. We operate on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity develop and express their love for space, regardless of major, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or academic standing. So if you have a passion for anything in space or the things that get us there, join us!



  1. Promote STEM and instill in the excitement of space through outreach activities for all ages.
  2. Engage space enthusiasts through outreach activities.
  3. Develop hands-on engineering skills through technical projects.

Stargazing Event




We have a rich history of rockets.  From Hybrids, solids, liquids, and staged.  We do it all. 



Nothing is better than inspiring the next generation of girls and boys about getting excited for space.


social events

Just want to look at the stars with fellow space enthusiasts?  Check out our upcoming events.  


And much much more...

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