We have various liquid and solid rocket projects that are pushing the limits of rocketry.  


Purdue Space Program

The up-and-coming premier collegiate rocket project. Purdue Space Program is working on the FAR-MARS competition to design, build, and fly a LOX/LCH4 rocket.  We have designed a full-launch platform and vehicle.   From the mobile methane condenser to cutting edge tank design, we have poured lots of love, coffee, and Matlab code into this fun and exciting project. This year's goal is 45,000 feet.


Experimental Solid Rocket Team 

The newest team in the Purdue SEDS roster.  Originally aiming to compete in the Spaceport Cup, this team of Freshman are leading a program to start development or large solid rocket motors.  The development will take place at Purdue's Zucrow Propulsion Lab, the largest academic propulsion lab in the world.  


Level 1 HIgh Power ROcket Builds 

Want to fly your own rocket? Seasoned flier? Complete beginner with a no other STEM related interests? No problem! We will guide and teach you on everything you need to know to build and fly your very own rocket.  Go from beginner to nationally certified in just a few days!  Details on how to get involved will be announced through email.  

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Legacy: Purdue Hybrid  

From 2004- 2011 SEDS members designed a flew multiple hydrogen peroxide LDPE hybrid rockets reaching over 30,000 feet.  The project has ended, but we have kept records for future generations.