Christopher Nilsen, President

Christopher is a Junior in Multidisciplinary Engineering and has been a part of SEDS for 3 years.  He has led the NASA USLI and IREC projects, and currently leads the Purdue Space Program project.  

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Klye Runkle, Vice President 

Kyle is a Junior in aerospace engineering.  He has led the ground support team for Purdue Space Program for the past year.  He is also the creator of the world's first Cheeto-powered hybrid rocket and official cook of Purdue SEDS.


SEan HEapy, Treasurer  

Sean is a Sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and he also serves as the Fundraising Lead for NASA USLI - at least, that's what Jordan remembers him saying, but he can't be sure, because Sean never sent him a bio.


NAthan Gurgens, Secretary   

Nathan is a Freshman originally from Platte City, Missouri and is currently pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He is heavily involved with the Purdue Spaceport Cup team through SEDS and is very excited to make their rocket NOT explode on the launchpad. Nathan's interests include rocketry, Star Wars, and listening to audiobooks while walking to class. His goal is to one day touch a turtle or Mars, whichever comes first.


Ben Walbaum, TEchnical Projects Director

Ben is a Freshman planning to major in Aerospace Engineering. He is a member of the Spaceport America Cup team, where he serves as the Propulsion Lead. He has been building hobby rockets since he was twelve years old, and is also an avid drummer.


Yash Pande, SEDs-USA Rep    

Yash is a Master's student in Aerospace Engineering specializing in rocketry. He also didn't send Jordan a bio.


Emily Endicott, Social Chair   

Emily is a Sophomore in Industrial Engineering. She enjoys hot chocolate, warm socks, and trying on other people's glasses. You can see her around campus wearing a large parka in the winters because she's always cold. She was really cool in high school.


Eli MAckley, outreach Chair    

Eli is a Freshman with plans to major in Aerospace Engineering. Beyond his position as outreach chair, he also serves as the Recovery Team Lead for the Purdue Space Program. He has plans to have his summer home on Mars paid for by his interplanetary shipping company.


Vince Calabrese, Fundraising Chair   

Vince is a junior in AAE originally from Schaumburg, Illinois. He has been a fan of sci-fi his entire life, especially Star Wars, and he is looking forward to using that passion this semester on the SEDS Exec Board. TV and playing video games are his favorite things to do in the small amount of free time he has, but hanging out with friends and attending Purdue Basketball games are close behind.


Jordan MAyer, WEbmaster    

Jordan is a "Junior" (3/5 years) pursuing a double-major in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science.  He originally planned to become an author and an actor, but he decided to do this instead. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. In past years, he has been a member of a joint SEDS/AIAA High-Altitude Balloon Project and the 2017 SSPI Satellite Design Competition team.


SCott Meyer, Faculty Advisor  

Managing director of zucrow propulsion labs