Purdue Space Program

Small steps make gaint leaps 

Purdue Space Program is a group of both undergraduate and graduate students who like to build bi propellant liquid rockets.  We are building some of the most advanced rockets every constructed by college students.   From the most advanced DAQ in collegiate rocketry, to our mobile liquid methane condenser, to a rocket researching advanced technologies, we do it all. We believe that a passion for leaning and ambition is all that is needed to be successful.  We have no applications, no try outs, no major or seniority requirements.   From Aeronautical Engineering to Botany, if you have the ambition to make something great, we will teach you the tools to make it happen.  


Like everyone who had looked up to the stars, our goal is to get a rocket into space. Our approach is very methodical and rapid.  We are continually testing new technologies to decrease the cost to space.  This is not just a mission statement, its a fact.  Everything below cost a total of under $25,000.   


Boomie Zoomie


Ground support 


Data Acquisition and Launch System 


The Data Acquisition and Launch System is a versatile test system that has been used for over 10 years at Zucrow Labs.  Our team has evolved the design to launch a rocket.  It is currently being mounted in its housing and the LabView software is completed.  Pictures of the system will be posted soon.  

  • Loads propellant
  • Controls actuation valves
  •  Controls methane condenser
  • Activates igniter
  • Autonomous abort and propellant discharge
  • Up to 64 sensors pressure sensors and/or thermocouples 
  • Up to 32 actuated valves 
  • Put to 8 electronic regulators

Test Stand 


Even though Zucrow has over 30 test cells, it is still very crowded and very busy.  Graduate students and industry costumers are usually using test stands making it hard for undergraduates to use them.  SEDS has made a test stand just for undergraduates!  This will first be used for our full stack test. 



Payload team has designed a unique holder that protects the provided payload during the flight and in the event of a hard landing.  This groundwork is paving the way for future scientific payloads the team launches.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.37.16 PM.png


The propulsion team is composed of both graduates and undergraduates.  We currently live at Zucrow Propulsion Labs.  The team has finished the first hot fire of the flight engine! 



The recovery team gets us home safe! The team has spent countless hours deploying and testing our recovery system to be ready for launch day.  

Aerodynamics and Structures 

Aero team actually builds the rocket.  This team is currently living in our machine shop and have started to bleed machine coolant.  Spring Semester 2018 we have had a member in the machine shop 8-5 Monday-Firday at all times.