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Boiler Bus

Boiler Bus offers a series of student-friendly, low-cost, and reliable universal CubeSat buses with ground services, designed to support generic 2U payloads for commercial, academic, and government partners. As a collegiate team, PSP Sats achieves lower satellite bus costs by avoiding the profit motives and standard expenses typical of industry alternatives. PSP Sats 3U Boiler Bus Platform is projected to cost less than 30% of comparable commercial solutions. Following the initial launch to test this 3U Boiler Bus Platform, the team will collaborate with industry partners to create missions. This collaboration will allow the Core Engineering satellite development subteam to iterate on the design, aiming to lower costs, enhance reliability, and expand partnerships. Additionally, the team will work to replace as many Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components as possible with in-house designed components. Once the 3U Platform has significantly reduced costs, improved reliability, and confirmed the strategy’s viability, the team will begin developing a new Boiler Bus Platform to target different market segments.

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