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AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2019 Forum

Student Development of a Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Methane Sounding Rocket and Launch Infrastructure

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Boomie Zoomie is a student-designed and developed rocket from PSP Liquids. It is the first liquid-liquid rocket designed entirely by Purdue students to carry a 2.2 lb payload to 45,000 feet. BZ meets the requirements set out in the 2017-2019 FAR MARS Liquid Rocket Competition.

Quick Specs

Total Impulse: 9200 lbf-s
GLOW: 130 lbs
Length: 15 ft
Diameter: 6.4 in
Thrust: 800 lbf


T.A.L.O.P is PSP’s first engine.  It produces thrust to lift Boomie Zoomie into the air.

  • Cooling: Ablative
  • Hotfires: 2
  • Thrust: 800 lbf
  • Mass: 5 lbs
  • Injector: Fuel Centered Pintle

Special thanks to Dan Moser for his insight and help in the design and fabrication of this chamber.

Matt and Ryan

Co-Axial propellant tanks saved 5 pounds in structure and plumbing in our design. Our methane tank is almost completely submerged inside of our oxygen tank. This is made possible by the boiling point of liquid oxygen being slightly warmer than the freezing point of methane. The tanks are responsible for holding the propellants at 1000 psi to deliver enough mass to the engine.

Co Axial Tank

Our airframe was made out of 6 inch aluminum pipe.  While not the lightest, it was the most cost effective option that we could easily manipulate and machine. The airframe is designed to be swapped out with future designs and with field prep in mind.  For example, the recovery team can check out the packed parachute without interfering with the pressurization team.