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We are PSP.

We have one simple goal: to empower students to innovate in space exploration.

But what we do is beyond just academics.

Purdue SEDS is now Purdue Space Program.

Learn more about the change and our new look.



Innovation requires applying ideas from lecture to real-world projects. That’s why we have competitive teams in rocketry and satellites that encourage students to get their hands dirty, to reinvent, and to take risks. Each of our teams focuses on different forms of propulsion and initiatives, offering a wide range of options for students to be a part of.

We Do

Level 1 Certification

A Level 1 Rocketry Certification allows flyers to launch high-powered rockets. We offer sessions for students to receive certification.

Fun Events

We host gathering events from stargazing nights to barbecue parties. Stay tuned to our general meetings for any future events!

Over 25 Years of Space.

Since 1994, we have been inspiring students and the community.



Empowerment inspires students to reach higher. Throughout the year, PSP members visit local schools and fairs to teach students of all ages about space and promote students to pursue careers in the space industry. We lead a wide variety of activities that make space exploration engaging and fun for everyone—meetups as small as stargazing nights to events as large as congressional advocacy days for investments in space exploration.

Join us today.

Come in to our bi-weekly general meetings or our pop-up events!