Boomie Zoomie B

Building on Boomie Zoomie as a strong contender for the FAR-MARS Launch Contest.


Boomie Zoomie B (BZB) is PSP Liquids’ second vehicle iteration, intended to improve on Boomie Zoomie (BZ) and win the FAR-MARS Launch Contest. Using a simulation-driven, optimized design, BZB features significant performance increases on top of the strong vehicle architecture provided by BZ. BZB features a lightweight common bulkhead tank assembly, robust and redundant avionics design, and improved engine performance and cooling.

Boomie Zoomie B is currently in its manufacturing and testing phase as system design is being finalized.

900 lbf

Nominal Thrust

92 lb

Dry Mass

500 psi

Tank Pressure

40k ft

Predicted Altitude

Design Process Highlights

Black Cat Launch System

Black Cat Launch System (BCLS) is the launch operations system currently supporting BZB. With a more compact design compared to the original launch trailer, BCLS can be easily transported to long-distance locations with lower risk of damaging fragile components. BCLS has successfully supported BZB in its cold flow operations, and will be used for hotfire and launch operations.

4′ x 4′



Valves and Sensors


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