Boomie Zoomie B

Building on Boomie Zoomie as a strong contender for the FAR-MARS Launch Contest.


Boomie Zoomie B (BZB) is PSP Liquids’ second vehicle iteration, intended to improve on Boomie Zoomie (BZ) and win the FAR-MARS Launch Contest. Using a simulation-driven, optimized design, BZB features significant performance increases on top of the strong vehicle architecture provided by BZ. BZB features a lightweight common bulkhead tank assembly, robust and redundant avionics design, and improved engine performance and cooling.

Boomie Zoomie B is currently in its manufacturing and testing phase as system design is being finalized.

900 lbf

Nominal Thrust

92 lb

Dry Mass

500 psi

Tank Pressure

40k ft

Predicted Altitude

Hotfire 2 Highlights

Design Process Highlights

Black Cat Launch System

Black Cat Launch System (BCLS) is the launch operations system currently supporting BZB. With a more compact design compared to the original launch trailer, BCLS can be easily transported to long-distance locations with lower risk of damaging fragile components. BCLS has successfully supported BZB in its cold flow operations, and will be used for hotfire and launch operations.

4′ x 4′



Valves and Sensors


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