PSP Liquids aims to provide students the

experience they need to build the next

generation of advanced aerospace vehicles.

PSP Liquids was founded in 2017 with the ambitious goal of launching a liquid bipropellant rocket. Since then, the team has built two vehicles, with three successful launches in 2022. Currently, the team is hard at work on the design of their next rocket to compete in the Friends of Amateur Rocketry, Dollar Per Foot competition. PSP-L aims to give its members invaluable experience through practical work in the analysis, design, manufacturing, and testing of liquid rockets, something that only a few university teams are capable of.


The FAR-DPF Launch Contest is an ongoing competition for collegiate rocket teams to launch a liquid bipropellant rocket with a reward of one dollar for every foot of altitude gained. The only rule is to go as high as possible.

Current Project

Cratermaker special

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Team Leads

Jonah Fouts

Project Manager

Erik Anderson

Chief Engineer