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December 7, 1994
Founded as Purdue University Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Fall 1995
Purdue University SEDS Hybrid (PUSH) rocket team formed
November 9, 1996
Hosted first annual Fall Space Day in partnership with Purdue-AIAA and PESC. Now called Purdue Space Day
November 19, 1996
Launched first-ever Space Experiment Module (SEM) on Space Shuttle Columbia (ST-80)
April 1998
Hosted first Spring Space Forum, where distinguished speakers debate the future of space exploration
Fall 2002
Purdue SEDS Solid Rocket Motor Project (SRM) formed
Fall 2010
Purdue University Student Launch Initiative (Now PSP-SL) formed
Fall 2017
Purdue Space Program (now PSP Liquids) formed
Fall 2017
SEDS SSPI (Now PSP SSPI) team formed
Fall 2018
AIAA-SEDS Hybrids Team (now PSP Hybrids) formed
Spring 2019
Purdue SEDS renamed to Purdue Space Program