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Our next Giant Leap

Custom, in-house wrapped, composite airframe
Lower weight, high-performance fluid system control with bang-bang solenoids
Powered by liquid oxygen and liquid ethanol
850 lb-f rocket engine fitted with an additively manufactured propellant injector
Fully automated, remote propellant loading capability with BCLS

CraterMaker Special is the newest addition to the PSP-L family of liquid-fueled rockets. Building on over four years of accrued knowledge, this vehicle will feature unprecedented technologies for student, liquid rockets.  CMS employs a comprehensive avionics system, a composite airframe structure, and a crater-making engine. Sizing for CMS is driven by a complex, extensive simulation developed to maximize altitude. CMS aims to complete its critical design review in the coming months.

Key features on CMS include:

  • Custom avionics computers, to control key systems and record a comprehensive profile of flight data.
  • Bang-bang fluid regulator technology to maintain nominal tank pressures throughout flight.
  • A custom, overwrapped, carbon fiber airframe to decrease overall vehicle mass and improve rigidity.

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