Purdue Space Program

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It all started when…

Purdue SEDS started in 1994 as a group of students who were excited about space. As the years went on there were the ups and downs of student participation. In the late 2000s the Purdue Hybrid launched into the sky and as the students at the time went on to be managers at various rocket companies, the club went into a small slump. At the end of 2015, Purdue SEDS only had approximately 5 dues paying members. Rockets were recently reignited and currently though many trails and failures we have 4 active rocket teams with a combined total of over 230 dues paying members.

These teams compete in various competitions around the US. Currently we have teams working on custom solid, hybrid, liquid, and monopropellant engines. The NASA USLI team builds and launches payload with a rocket using commercial motor to a little over a mile. The hybrid team is designing a hybrid rocket to compete in the Spaceport America Cup. The solids team is mixing their own propellant and designing a high performance sub orbital sounding rocket and also compete in the Spaceport America Cup. The liquids team has built a liquid oxygen - liquid methane rocket to compete in the FAR-MARS competition and is currently developing a next generation vehicle carry Purdue research payloads into suborbital space.

We also host various space related general meetings, social and outreach events throughout the semester. If any of this sounds interesting, come to one of our meetings! We accept all who are willing to learn and have fun.